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2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS
At 10,000 miles, the stereo (an $800 option) stopped working altogether. The dealer refused to service the car immediately, telling me that it was “only” the radio. They finally replaced a wiring harness, telling me that VW installs improper wiring harnesses. At around 20,000 miles, the passenger’s window fell into the door. The dealer replaced both front doors window clips, telling me that VW installs improper window clips. Just after the 20,000-mile service (which includes a tire rotation), the passenger front tire began leaking air. No hole in the tire was ever found. The service advisor at my local dealership told me that I must have “had a stalker” who was letting the air out of my tire because there was nothing wrong with it. Shortly thereafter, it began leaking air again. When I called the dealership, the service advisor told me to bring the car in the next day – and he specifically instructed me NOT to put any air in it. The tire was (obviously) destroyed. VW insisted that I pay for the tire in full – which hardly made sense, as I was following the explicit instructions of the service advisor. When I mentioned this to the service manager, he called me “stupid.” Then the stereo died again. A VW advisor managed to restart the stereo by scraping the fuse – he told me that VW sends the fuses from the factory rusted and the oxidation needed to be removed. Around 30,000 miles, the stereo died AGAIN. It was restarted during the 30,000-mile service. Around 40,000 miles, the stereo died AGAIN. It randomly restarted. The VW dealer told me there was nothing wrong with the stereo. Within 3 miles of leaving the dealership, the stereo died for the FIFTH time. When I brought the car back, the service advisor told me that the stereo had been recalled. Also at around 40,000 miles, the oil pressure light came on. When I checked the oil, there was almost no oil in the car. I added oil and took it to the dealership. They began an oil consumption test.
Matt Ellis

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