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2001 Honda Civic
I bought the car as "certified used car" from Martin Mainline Honda dealer in Ardmore. It had only 10K miles on it. I put 4K miles on it in 3 months. I had been hearing tapping noise coming from the hood. I took the car for oil changed and asked about tapping noise. The dealer took the oil pane out to determine the problem. Finally the mechanic said that " I must have drove it in a puddle or had a flood because # 3 cylinder rod was bent due to water damage". I didn't have a flood or drove it in to a puddle!!! Although I have a factory and the extended warranty BIG Honda deny to pay for it. I called my insurance PROGRESSIVE ... Insurance saw the car and said "it was a mechanical break down which is not covered by my insurance policy... My Honda sucks, my dealer sucks, and my insurance sucks. The cost of the repair is $3856. Now, I have hired a lawyer to solve my problem.
Suheyla Selvi-Budak

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